Our Late Thanksgiving Lunch

My Thanksgiving dinner was okay, but not as great as our late thanksgiving lunch with my class! At first I thought that we were past the Americans thanksgiving but I was wrong. We were actually having our class thanksgiving lunch on the United States thanksgiving lunch. It took a class effort to make this lunch possible but also to make it delicious! At the lunch, we would all sit down and wait until we were served. The funniest part was when some of our classmates were our waiter were serving us! We had soup and stuffing and also buns for our lunch. Everyone finished the stuffing first then, we would have some soup. Then T. would make a giant sandwich stuffed inside with the yummy stuffing. It was a blast. Even Mrs. Chan from the office came in and had some of the food too. The surprise was that Mr. Tam brought a huge pumpkin pie for us to have but most of us were kind of full when Mr. Tam was finished cutting the pie into slices. When our lunch was over all of us cleaned up the mess from the lunch and we would all sit down. Everyone was full and couldn't eat another bite. This was the best thanksgiving lunch I've ever had as a class and also my very first one in grade 6!

Written by A. M.

Posted:  December 8, 2014