Looking Back at December

An Overview of December

Our December was very eventful this year. We had events such as: A Christmas canned food drive, a class pizza party, and a gingerbread house building contest. We had two houses and two villages and groups 1 and 3 won. Some groups got creative and decided to make "snow" by smashing rockets.

We collected nearly 850 cans for our can drive! (Not really, but that's a secret between you and me) Everyday for one week some students in our class went to every classroom to pick up cans.

For our pizza, some of us had pita bread for our base which was actually better than expected. We also drank ten litres of pop and still had a whole box left which S. kindly gave away. Our toppingss for our pizza was mostly ham, bacon. It wasn't really suprising that people didn't bring much vegetables but nonetheless is was still really good.

Written by W. D.

Div. 3's Gingerbread Decorating Contest

Our class recently submitted gingerbread houses, villages, and men (gingerbread men covered in icing, mind you, which sort of destroyed the human shape of it) to a wise judge who goes by the name of Mrs. Sue. The eager students waited somewhat patiently while their fellow librarian inspected the gingerbread. She cast her eyes over houses with both icing that was neatly applied into the pre-engraved lines, and some that were carelessly poured across,to perhaps sweeten it up. Apparently, the problem with the houses in previous years was the poor strength of the icing attempting to hold up the heavy gingerbread, which often resulted in the roofs sliding off. Luckily,because of the technology advancement of division three, we were able to tie string under the roofs to hold them up. This made the choice of the best gingerbread house more difficult, for the judge could not turn a blind eye to the collapsed heap of sugar. Even so, there was only one house that could fulfill the expectations of Mrs. Sue. It was a good choice that created smiles amongst everyone.

In my group, we decorated a village, in hopes we could all work on one house each. Our hopes, unfortunately, failed us. We ended up head to head leaning over one house at a time. Hey... the icing did not stick very well. In our efforts to be conservative of our much-needed icing, we probably used close to double of what would have worked perfectly, as we were constantly re-applying. We learned our lesson, thankfully, and our houses did not collapse or implode (surprisingly). I cannot say much about the decorating piece, for I left and was unable to have any say in whether we should have gingerbread houses, or candy houses. Naturally, my group made candy houses, as the gingerbread was almost impossible to see beneath the, most likely, several pounds of icing and gummies. I can tell you now that they would have looked very different if I was still there. Well, maybe. The only part that was actually painful was when we had to smash the gingerbread. Some eighth-graders came in and had no trouble turning into thin, small pieces as their fists' hit the houses. I, however, have a whole other story. I could not make a dent in anything except for my bone. I feel as if there is no need to say more in that subject, at least not on my part. Overall, I had a lot of fun, and I think afterwards my taste buds enjoyed themselves as well.

Written by S. R.

Canned food Drive

Christmas is all about giving so, at Nootka we would have a can food drive to help the people who don't have food. Everyday our class would collect the cans from the classes we would tally them up so we can see if we reached our goal. Our goal was to reach 1,000 cans but we didn't reach our goal this year. It didn't matter if we didn't reach our goal because all we wanted to do was just help the families who don't have enough food for the winter. The best part of the can food drive was getting to every collect cans from classes. The hard part was that we had to separate the cans into one box and the family hamper to another box. Some people stayed in at recess and lunch to help with the can food drive and it was fun! The funny part was when we filled so many boxes, it block the book shelves and was it was very tall. We got a lot of cans but the best part was seeing the families having something to eat over the winter.

Written by A. M.

Posted:  January 28, 2015