Our New Mural

A few weeks ago, my class got to point our new mural in the undercover area of our school. When it was finally our class' turn to paint, all of us were excited. Fortunately, there were paint smocks and plastic coverings for us to wear. Joey, the artist, mixed the paints together to get the right colour. While we were waiting, most of us chose what we wanted to paint. Some of my classmates got to choose what they wanted to paint, but A. and I wanted to paint the eagles but our plan changed when we had to paint people with my other classmates. When I got my brush and my peach coloured paint, I started to paint a boy that was jumping into a river. As I was painting, I thought it would be effortless, but soon I discovered that painting neatly is harder than I thought. My first thought was to paint all over the face, but I realized that the lines were being covered. Then I decided that I should paint a thin layer. After, I decided that it looked much better. When I was done, I liked how I carefully painted on the face and hands. I felt like I did a good job.

A few days later, the mural was complete, but it had to be covered with a chemical that would protect the mural from vandalism. Spraying that mural took about two days. When they were done spraying it, I looked at it. I noticed that some parts of the mural were more brilliant than other parts because they were more detailed. The undercover area looks now like a fun place to play. Overall, I enjoyed helping with the mural even though I didn't get to paint what I wanted.

Written by D. C.

Posted:  May 18, 2015