Science Alive

Getting to do experiment is fun, but it would be more fun learning it from students at SFU and do experiments with us in the presentation called Science Alive! We were learning about radical reactions. We got to learn how to make elephant toothpaste and even got to make a lava lamp! While we were making lava lamps, we got to put some Alka-Seltzer that looks like mints in our baby oil and white paint mixture. Some people got carried away and combined all of them in one tube. It made a huge mess but it was exciting to see. Everyone's favorite experiment was getting to see the fireball. We also go to do experiments like making snow and also making gummy worms dance. When we were making snow, some people's snow turn into slush because we added too much water. And the vinegar in the worm experiment smelled horrible. They taught us about the three ways fires can survive. And they are oxygen, fuel, and spark. It was a really fun experience and we hope to get to do it again.

Written by A. M.

Posted:  June 17, 2015