Updated: April 22

Take the Wordle challenge once a day!

Here are other games to challenge and exercise your brain!
Office 365 Do you need to use Office 365? Go to https://office365.vsb.bc.ca for access.
Silent Reading Make sure you have a novel in class for Silent Reading everyday.
Vocabulary For each of the listed words:
  1. Write the word in your notebook and underline it.
  2. Identify what kind of word it is (e.g. noun, verb, adjective, or adverb).
  3. Give the definition in note form. Try to use your own words.
  4. Use the word in a meaningful sentence with clues to show what it means.
    • cautious
    • coax
    • hesitate
    • instantaneous
    • universal
Due Date:   Friday, June 24th
Here is our cumulative list of vocabulary words.
Social Studies Chapter 9 - Rome: Citizens and Slaves

Alert! You will have your chapter 9 quiz on acnient Rome on Friday, June 24th
Ancient Worlds Project
  • Do research for your project.
  • Try to get your research done by Wednesday, June 8th.
Due Date   Monday, June 20th Friday, June 24th [Note: The grad art project has higher priority.]
Grad Art
  • Aim to complete your grad art picture by Wednesday, June 22nd.

Posted:   Wednesday, June 22nd at 6:30 p.m.