Try the optional summer homework and earn credits for prizes in September! Just complete the work and either email the work to me, or show me your work (or proof of work like a summer school report card, receipt, etc.) during the first week back at school! Earn a maximum of 7 credits! Good luck!

~ Mr. Tam

Summer School Complete a summer school course! [One credit per course.]
Summer Programs Be a part of a summer program and have fun! There are many to choose from. Check out places like the community centre. [One credit per course.]
Math Finish the remaining units in your Jump Math workbook. [One credit per unit.]
Book Report Essay Write a book report essay! [One credit per essay.]
Classroom Library Books? This isn't summer homework, but if you happen to find any of Mr. Tam's classroom library books during the summer, please bring them back in September. Thank you!.

Posted:   Tuesday, July 3rd