Home Reading Log Note: Only one reading log entry will be needed for Monday.
Read for a minimum of 30 minutes each night. Complete a reading log entry. Include the following:
  • date
  • full title
  • author
  • 3 main events (note form will be fine)
  • 1 reflection
Due Date:  the next school day
Math Grade 7's:
  • Complete Jump Math 7.1 pages 25 and 26.

Grade 6's:
  • Complete Jump Math 6.1 pages 40, 41, and 42.

Both Grades:
  • Complete your corrections (if any).

Due Date:  Monday, October 23rd
Language Arts Suffixes

Complete pages 40 and 43 in your suffixes booklet.

Due Date:   Monday, October 23rd
Reading Response Dust (by Arthur Slade)

Complete an entry for chapter 3. Include the following parts:
  • Main Events: Give 3 important events. You may write using note form. Be detailed.
  • Refection: Write 1 reflection. Use the following writing frame:
    • "I felt (emotion or reaction) when (story event) because (reason)."
    • "I predict that (future event) because (reasonable explanation or evidence)."
    • "The part when (story event) reminded me of (your personal experience)."
    • (Use a different reflection writing frame each time. For example, if you used the prediction reflection last day, don't use it again today.)
  • Picture with Caption: Sketch a picture related to today's read aloud and write a sentence to describe the scene. Colouring is not needed.
Click here for a list of characters.

Due Date:  Monday, October 23rd
Vocabulary For each of the listed words:
  1. Identify what kind of word it is (e.g. noun, verb, adjective, or adverb).
  2. Give the definition in note form. Try to use your own words.
  3. Use the word in a meaningful sentence with clues to show what it means.
  • intuition
  • mundane
  • precede
  • prowess
  • silent
Due Date:   Tuesday, October 24th
Here is our cummulative list of vocabulary words.
Reading "Endangered Bees"
  1. Read the questions. Identify (e.g. underline, circle, or highlight) the key words.
  2. Read the article. Try to identify the important facts.
  3. Answer the questions with complete sentences. Try to use as many of the key words as possible and try to put the answers in your own words.
  4. For the Critical Thinking question, try to give a well thought out detatiled answer.
Due Date:  Tuesday, October 24th
Writer's Workshop Book Report Essay for Safe As Houses

1. Using the ideas shared in class today, write a concluding sentence for your main character paragraph.

2. Using the information from your brainstorm worksheet, write your reflections paragraph. There should be a minimum of 3 sentences.

Don't forget to double space!

Due Date:  Monday, October 23rd
Social Studies Grade 7's:

Complete the questions worksheet for chapter 2.
Grade 6's:
  • Complete a study sheet for chapter 2. Include a minimum of 12 questions and answers. It is to be based on the chapter 2 vocabulary worksheet and the chapter 2 questions worksheet.

Due Date:  Monday, October 23rd
Health Fruit Project

Click here for the assignment sheet.

Due Dates: 
Poster - Friday, October 13th
Presentation - Monday, October 23rd
P. E. P. E. classes are on Mondays and Tuesdays. Students are to bring or wear appropriate gym gear.

Posted:   Thursday, October 19th at 4:15 p.m.