ASL Classes

Social Studies Links

Canadian History

How the Halifax Explosion Was Nearly Forgotten

The Halifax Explosion

Colourized Photos of the Halifax Explosion

"A City Destroyed: Experience the Halifax Explosion 100 Years Later" (interactive link)


National Geograpic - Atlas Explorer

Atlapedia Online

Maps N World

Current Events:

CBC News

Ancient Egypt

Click here to play senet, an online version of a board game from ancient Egypt.

United Nations:

About the United Nations

United Nations: Members (Hint: The dates are in a day/month/year format.)

Useful Language Sites!


Click here for a great French audio vocabulary site! Just choose a topic, move your cursor over the picture, and you'll hear the word in French!

Try this site if you want to translate an English word into French, or perhaps even Spanish, German, Italian, or Russian!


Wordsmyth: This is a fantastic online dictionary and more! It gives the definitions, parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms, common phrases using the word, and if you don't know the pronounciation, it will say the word to you!

Click here for a great English audio vocabulary site! Just choose a topic, move your cursor over the picture, and you'll hear the word in French!


Here is Wikipedia in Chinese!

American Sign Language:

American Sign Language Alphabet


Here two links to show you some basic sewing skills.

Link A

Link B

Personal Planning

The "Art" of Folding Shirts!

Check out the "Japanese" way of folding t-shirts. It's really cool! Then checkout the next link to see how to do it!

Here are instructions on how to fold t-shirts the "Japanese" way.

Here is the "navy" way of folding t-shirts. It's easy and very practical!

Health Links: Drug Awareness Links

PBS Kids - Drub Abuse: Getting It Straight

Kids Health - What You Need to Know About Drugs

Kids Health - Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking

Kids Health - Alcohol: Getting the Right Message

Doctor P. Body: Drugs and Alcohol

Smoke Free Kids (Australia)

CBC News: Marijuana more risky for teens than previously thought

CBC News: Crack cocaine (9 things to know)

Science Links

The Elements

"The Elements Song": If you want to learn the names of all the elements in the periodic table, try using this song!

Earthquake Preparedness:

Fracking: NPR presents some information about fracking.

Earthquakes: What to do? (

Provincial Emergency Program: Earthquake Preparedness

72 Hours: Earthquakes in Canada

Other Useful Websites

Khan Academy: This can help you with many, many math concepts through the use of short videos.

Hamburger Paragraph Model: This is a very visual and hopefully memorable way to learn how to write basic structured paragrahs!

Updated: January 8, 2020